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    HipBilly Artisans began in our garage as a way to express our art, and continue our desire to help the environment. We may specialize in Jewelry, Painting and Sculpting - but these mediums are just part of what we do. Music, Film, Photography, Poetry and travelling are good friends of ours. As HipBilly Artisans grows, so too do our avenues in which we create. We believe that art can change the world, and we hope to do just that. For at least 4 months of the year we traverse some part of the United States. These long trips allow us to see up close and familiarize ourselves with the environment. As seamen, we ache watching plastic wash up on the beach and pollute the water. As artists, we aim to show the world both the beauty of our world and the problems facing it. As lovers of the outdoors, we use zero plastic in our packaging and strive to leave as less of a footprint as possible. As you browse our art you may notice many motifs that revolve around nature, including animals, landscapes,  and the ocean. As we speak from our hearts through our creations, we hope they say a little something to you.

Peace and love,

from us at HipBilly Artisans.



Michael&Heather Bowlin

Turquoise Rings


is often created from objects found in nature, like authentic arrowheads from New Mexico and shells from our travels to the Texas coast. We use a process called 'lost wax casting' to create all of our solid sterling silver pieces. Artist Heather Bowlin carves the works in wax before they are cast into silver.  Our beautiful hand built Turquoise work is made in the studio by Artist Michael Bowlin. He uses high quality turquoise stones and sterling silver for all of our jewelry pieces. All products in the HipBilly Jewelry Collection come with a lifetime guarantee. 


Fine Art

by Heather Bowlin is comprised of Painting, Sculpture and Film. Conceptually, her art explores relationships. Those between mankind and planet Earth, those we have with one another, and the relationship we have with ourselves.  unveiling micro-intracacies of the human soul in one work, and zooming out for a macrocosmic view of mankind in the next, her art traverses many concepts. Her exploration and freedom within her art guarantees that her concept will not suffer; that if a giant sculpture made out of ocean plastic is called for, a giant sculpture out of ocean plastic will be made. She is not a painter, sculptor or filmaker alone, she is a multi-disciplinary artist. .

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