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Custom Jewelry & Commissions


Whether its a particular style you want or a different size you need, HipBilly Artisans are here to help! Check out our custom order form below to request an item thats out of stock, the wrong size, or if you would like to commission a new style just for you.


We offer sterling silver casts of any small treasure you would like to turn into a pendant, ring or keychain. If you would like to preserve something beautifully in silver, or just have an idea for something new, give us a call or fill out our form to get an order started today. We cast everything from sea shells to rattlesnake tails - the possibilities are endless!

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To commission a painting, you may contact us or fill out the custom order form below. (See Product & Pricing Information below) Provide as much detail about what you are looking for in your painting as possible. Some helpful information could be details about the content, concept, colors, size, perhaps the title of a Heather Bowlin original that caught your eye, etc. We will contact you within 1 - 3 business days after your submission to discuss details like the price and time frame of your order.

Please read our Product Information below before submitting a custom order.

Turn-Around Time for Custom Jewelry

All of our hand-built turquoise and cast silver jewelry is created in our at- home studio by just two artists. We are a small business that aims for the quality of our products more than the quantity, therefore the time frame in which you can expect to receive your custom order is 3 weeks from the date your order is placed. 

Custom Ring Sizes

 HipBilly Artisans does not issue returns or refunds for wrong sized rings. Please ensure that you are ordering the correct ring size for any Custom Turquoise work. Since a custom ring is hand built, uniquely for you, it is important that you size your finger correctly. You can have your finger sized by any local jeweler in your area. If you live in lubbock, let us know and we can get you sized in our studio.

 Variances in Jewelry

 Varying stone shapes and colors as well as small differences in the bands are to be expected with all Turquoise Jewelry. Note that the stone size and color will be close  to the product you have selected, and all silver work will be recreated in the same beautiful style. Even our casted products differ from one another slightly. This is part of how HipBilly Artisans keeps every product we create unique and one of a kind!

Turn-Around Time / Price Estimates  for Commissioned Paintings

Custom Order Form

To submit a custom work order, please fill out the information below and HipBilly will contact you within 1 -3 business days.

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